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The Usenet basically resembles modern internet-forums in many ways.

The key difference here is that the Usenet does not rely on a central server but rather on a distributed network.

Some free tools: These tools will generate usable NFO-Files for the XBMC.

NFO-Files are little text-files in which all information about the movie is stored in a XML-Layout.

You will be presented with the following screen: You will notice that you cannot do anything right now, the Videos-Section is completely empty and so is everything else. In order to control XBMC properly, you should know a few keyboard-bindings to get you started.

This will help you navigating through the XBMC and using its functions.

This will make sure that you have the best possible experience with the XBMC. Before we are adding your files to your XBMC-Sources you should make sure that the files are named properly.[toc] Don’t worry – this is going to be short: This guide was created after a lot of people complained that “getting into “XBMC was kind of difficult for them.Thus I decided to create this guide to help them – so I do not have to explain it over and over again.It is important to know that the XBMC uses different mappings for different views.So if you are playing a video in fullscreen the button-mapping might change.

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I will show you some global mappings which will be used if no other mapping is defined by the keyboard.xml-file.

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