Frsh new dating sites

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Frsh new dating sites

I've read here in these reviews and elsewhere that Nautica themselves claim there was no reformulation, just a cap change to save money. Honestly it's just a pleasant fruity body wash type smell.

I doubt the actual juice costs that much for them to begin with, so I can believe the rumours that the reformulation talk is just mind over matter. I just tested this & I get soapy vibe that a I don't really dig. Maybe it's just me & my nose but I don't get any apple smell or any of the others. This fragrance appears as a recommendation so regularly for 'aquatics' that I felt I had to follow the trend and buy some. I'm not sure I agree with votes which suggest that apple is a dominant top note.

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Nautica Voyage is a fresh and salty sea breeze,that carries romantic scents of coastal herbs and woods, and awakes the man's instinct to measure his power with wild nature.

I'll stick to once every few weeks in the summer for this one -- I much prefer warmer scents now than this type This starts off with strong green aquatic note. Spray this on someone else, and be around them the rest of the day. The only other fresh scent that is as good as this is Green Irish Tweed. Had my workout routines taken longer than that, then this fragrance could endure.

I See this perfume acclaimed alot, so decided to check it out.

Definitely aquatic/cucumber like opening with a sweet apple kick after.

All the notes here are discernible and there are several phases of evolution here, with the lotus, green and apple accords extending themselves deep into the dry-down. I absolutely do get an "appley" soapy body wash vibe from this.

Scent: B Longevity: A Sillage: B (less is more with this scent) Originality: A- Versatility: B Blending: B /A- Value: A Overall: A-/B Hmmm. but tried to wear it after a few times and just got grossed out by the cheap sweet synthetic vibe of it. It's one thing to smell something like this and like it before you smell truly beautiful summery creations of someone like Jean-Claud Elena ... And I do have the plastic cap reformulation but it lasts a good long 7ish hours on my skin.

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If you're on fragrantica that probably isn't the case for you.

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