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I don't know the answer, but I hope people can understand why we want to ask the question.I suspect some are afraid of admitting any degree of choice for anyone, anticipating the public policy stakes. I'm glad this author was willing to seek out more clarity.Over time it will be harder to change that path, just like it is harder to learn a second language after you grow up.Sure people will have tendencies, but I think that the final outcome will be from a series of choices each person makes.People of all sexual orientations (even those who don't claim one) need to find ways to live in a world that stigmatizes same-sex attractions and relationships, and those of us called upon to support and assist these people need to understand this if we are to be helpful.Think about how a Japanese baby that grows up in America can speak English.

) There is evidence that male sexual attractions and behaviors can also be fluid.

Secondly, in my own research, I found it was possible for the self-identified gay youth to have experienced sexual attractions to women before they identified as gay.

Thirdly, I invite readers to go to and take a look at the personal ads, for "men seeking men" and count how many are written by self-identified "straight" or "str8" men looking for sex with other men. Or are some gay and lesbian people really closeted bisexuals?

For some people their sexual orientation is one-way (gay or straight), fixed, 'in-born', immutable.

For others they have some choice ranging from a lot to very little depending on their own particular makeup.

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On the other hand having a true Christ-like lifestyle and having truly Christian loving values is not a matter of choice. However, as an adult, I must say, I wouldn't trade being a gay man for anything in the world.

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