Dating high maintenance

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Dating high maintenance

The New York milieu of “High Maintenance” is a wink at the trust-funded creative classes milling about Brooklyn, but that is not where the show lives, as one might expect.Instead, it zooms in on often overlooked sidewalk denizens: an old Chinese couple collecting cans whose son has become globally renowned for his theremin playing, a Muslim teen-ager who secretly smokes joints and cigarettes on the roof of her aunt’s apartment complex.It takes as its basic premise that if you followed any one person home from the subway, their life would be more complex, goofy, dark, and also more full of joy than you had ever imagined.

The current wave of shows about the city reduce it to caricature: In “Girls,” Brooklyn is a gray backdrop for millennial yearning; eccentrics serve only as catalysts for the girls’ personal revelations.

Her fate led her to Manhattan, and in Manhattan she stayed, even after she began to lose her mind, spending her septuagenarian years moving from one Times Square hotel to another.

By that time, she had become one of the lost New Yorkers she had often written about with such empathy and tenderness; one wishes there had been a budding new Maeve around to rescue the old one.

I wonder at the power of her nightmare—that it could wait for years and then trap her on her way home.”Very few television shows about New York have ever been able to capture a similar warmth for one’s fellow-man; perhaps being compassionate doesn’t make for compelling TV.

“Sex and the City” often hinted at civic communion, but it was ultimately a show as solipsistic as the four women who trotted through it.

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It tests him every day, and he is often found frazzled and limp by evening.“High Maintenance,” a new half-hour comedic drama that débuted on HBO last week, might be the closet thing we have to Brennan’s squinting stories on city life.

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